The third ear pages 13-14 my third ear written piece pls feel free for reading

By answering the first question “do you think foreign languages are difficult or easy to learn?”I think foreign languages all are very easy to learn ,why do I think so? oh not do I think so it’s actually true Foreign languages are really extremely easy to learn to master, now I’m going to tell you why is that ,first because we have the adult advantages that help us so much and this is a very important reason that you can master a foreign language very easily ,second because we also have all the materials and all the right ways to learn a foreign language,and those materials and right ways are all collected in one app that app is called kungfu English, this language learning app is invincible, so when people have these adult advantages and this invincible language learning app people can’t not master a foreign language.

Then by answering the second question in my experience I had experienced the same things of learning language in school just as same as the author’s experience of learning language that is the author was experiencing terrible language learning progress in school and he had trouble as same as I had like listening the teacher teaching language while dozing of in the class , teachers always blame students “you shouldn’t say that that is wrong”or”your grammar is wrong,you said that everything is wrong”then I just wanna say you are the one who says everything that is totally  wrong, that is not the correct way to learn languages that can’t be helped that’s no use , and that even will destroy people’s important confidence to learn language ,learning a language confidence that is very important ,and blaming also will destroy people’s natural abilities to learn language that’s bad even so people’s natural abilities can’t be destroyed, our natural abilities can be healed can be revived; as we experienced teachers they’re bonehead they’re stoping people to learn foreign languages, but no matter how they stop you from learning how they blame you how they complain you ,BE PERSISTENT!!!you will ultimately success !!!

Finally the last question comes , by answering the last question “how do I react when I meet a word that you don’t understand” well if that new word I have met that is not important to me like that word even will not appear in daily life I probably will ignore it, if a new word that is important to me like that word appears very frequently and I need to understand it for comprehending somebody said something to me ,I will use all of my ideas to understand it for instance I can use my adult advantage to translate it then understand it or ask somebody “what does that word mean” to understand that new word I have came across then when I understand a new word I’ll quickly use it for mastering it!

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