My Article on Third Ear Pages 15-16

– Describe your experience in the first week at a new school or university.
In 2004, I was accepted by my dream university. I had looked forward to go to this university for ages so I was totally trilled. On my first day at university, my whole family went to the campus with me. It took us about 2 hours to take a tour around the campus and we took hundreds of pictures there. Then we had lunch at the canteen. To be honest, the food was not quite delicious. However I still believe it was the best meal I had had in my life.
The first week of my university life was simply physical training, no classes. I met my roommates and my classmates, and made friends with some of them. We got familiar with our campus, the facilities, the library, everything we needed to know for our four-year university trip. We also heard about some scary, ghost stories – every university would have some I assume – from our seniors. What a memorial week!
– Talk about meeting a new friend. Describe that new friend in as much detail as you can.
On my second at university, I met a new friend. Her name is Chao. We met at the dormitory because her room was next to mine. As we were both local, we volunteered to introduce our city to our roommates. She was slim, shine, full of energy, and a little bit shy. She was in a blue shirt and white trousers. Somehow I just felt like we must have a lot in common. So I went to talk to her, and that little chat lasted for 2 hours. It turned out that even though we were both major in Mathematics, we shared the same interest in Archaeology. Unbelievable! Our friendship grew from that day. Now we are each other’s best friend. We spend most of our travel time together, exploring museums, archaeological sites, ancient buildings and tombs, etc.
– Talk about public transport in your city when you were a child. How has it changed since then? How is it today?
When I was a child in 1980s, since bicycles were restricted to buy, the only way of long-distance trip in the city was by bus. And that’s also the only means of public transportation. Not like buses today, they were much longer at that time – twice as long as the buses nowadays. It was like two buses linked together so that it could carry more people at a time. During the 1990s and 2000s, subways were built at a astonishing speed as well as highways and high bridges. Until now, there are more than 20 lines of subways, 15 highways and countless high bridges covering almost every area of the city. Public transportation becomes faster and more easily to access. Vehicle availability is no longer a problem to us. Life is now built on wheels.
– Share a story about a train journey you once took.
Because of my interest in Archaeology, I travel a lot around China exploring ancient sites and remains. Mostly with my friend Chao by the way. The main transportation we use is the train since most cities we went and would like to go don’t have an airport. There are many types of train available: the green trains with slow speed, the white ones with medium speed, the blue ones with air conditioner, the high-speed trains, and so on.
Because of my interest in Archaeology, I travel a lot around China exploring ancient sites and remains. Mostly with my friend Chao and we went by train. There was one time we were so close that we nearly missed the last train backing to our terminal.

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