My notebook

Danny is my nephew, he is six years older, he is very cute, I love him. Now  we are having a chat  ?

I:     Danny,what do you do every day?

Danny:  I play games with my sister.

I:  what games did you play?

Danny: we played different cards, there are a lots of animals on it.

I: Do you know  these animals name?

Danny:yes.I know.

I: ok, how do you say bird in  English?

Danny: bird.

I: Yes, how do you write this?

Danny:Sorry, I don’t write.

I: listen to me ,b-I-r-d.

Danny: please say it again?


Danny:  I don’t understand, my  brain hurts, I want to go home 

I: ok, maybe you are too little, let’s go out to play  .

Danny:yea,That’s my love.




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