My notebook-5

When I was a student ,I like English very much .I like reading and writing . when the teacher wrote  some words on the blackboard, just like soft windy touch your face , it seems a beautiful music,too. It has good rhythm. I should go to a university, but because I didn’t like math, it’s too difficult and boring. For example, one time,I walked to the blackboard,  the teacher  tell me multiply 18 and 9 and write the result on the blackboard , I couldn’t answer. Then the teacher tell me subtract 8 from 40 and write  the result on the blackboard,Suddenly ,I feel my brain hurts and I couldn’t remember anything,I was upset. So I couldn’t go to a university,  the math pull my back legs(拖了我的后腿).

Now , I have  free time ,I want give myself a last chance ,I chose KungFuEnglish ,I hope  learn  KungFuEnglish to  reach  my dream.believe  myself!

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