Never Give Up

It’s about 2016, when I decided to get a MBA degree, and there were 2 months left till I get the exam. I needed to learn several books to pass the exam. At that time, I had put down the English language for 6-something years, and I needed to pick up the management again.

It was a tough task for me. But I thought I needed to do this to improve myself and thus I could go back home from Tibet. So I did a plan. I divided my out-of-work time into pieces to learn English and management. I got up much earlier than before, and went to sleep at 12pm. That time, I lived in my friend’s apartment. She and her husband were so kind that allowing me to study there, no matter what a mess I’d made.

Although the course of it was quite difficult, I told myself that ‘persevering to the end will bring the success  to me’ and ‘Come on girl! You can make it!’

‘Give up’ wasn’t in my dictionary at that time. I didn’t think much more about other things except keeping studying. Just did it and completed small chunks everyday. Sometimes I needed to work overtime, but I would still complete the pieces in my daily plan.

When I did this thing, I felt something like a mist. And I was not sure that I could pass the exam. Something uncertain in my heart. And I had a strong aspiration that I could go to the university and go back to take care of my son at the same time. I was aware of the difficulty of  achieving my goal. I still wanted to catch it. With the heavy burden, I tried my best to do stuff everyday.

Several months later, I was admitted to the NorthWest Agriculture University. My husband was so proud of my little achievement, even though he didn’t say that, however I could still feel it. And I well felt that the appreciation coming from my friends.

I was happy that I could come back home. And I knew that this was a little thing in my life. It’s not good to feel thrilled. And I think that doing things constantly, persevering things and never giving up are good virtues in anything including Learning English.

Now I’m learning Kungfu English and I’ve persevered it for 9 months thereabouts. I believe that if I persevere it, I will speak English fluently sooner or later.


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