Learn to say what you can say

Learn to say what you can say, not spend time trying to say what you can’t say. This means that if you’re trying to speak a language you should spend time trying to say what you can’t say, but you should spend most of your time practicing what you already can say a useful one. Getting the foundation right is quite important in any thing. When I started learning English it’s about age 9. Later on I’d learned English for about 15 years. I know thousands of  English words, but I can’t use them well or speak them fluently. When I want to speak English, it will take me a long time to find the maybe proper words through translation. As I find the words, I can’t say them smooth. Eventhough I know so many words, I can’t say a simple sentence well. I can’t communicate simple things fluently with others in English.

Now I know this method, so I will do less, and do it well. To speak more simple things over and over again to make them fluently. I think the happiest thing in learning English is not to learn more and more words, but to speak simple things fluently. The fastest progress will be learning more and more simple things well. After all, a large volume of the vocabulary will overwhelm almost anyone. When you learning core are more and more solid,  your learning will be more and more fast. My mum said that my progress since I learned Kungfu English is better than the progress  I’d made in the past decades of years.


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