New discovers

I wtached some videos of how speak some words in sentence with native speaker.I found that there have many short form in English when we speak the language.I came across four words today.those are “to”,”for”,”from”and”and”.when native speaker saying those words in sentence.they usually short them to “t”,”fr”,”frm”and” n”. I think that is one of reason why the native speaker saying some semtence so fast.and we just can’t caught them or follow them.even who have been learning English for a period time.Then I recalled a thing what is I first learning sing English time.In that time,I was confused,I just can’t sing the song like the singer,even if I had sung fluent,but it felt queer when I was sing the song.I just felt somewhere wrong, but I don’t know where exactly wrong.Untill now,I can understand clearly where exactly wrong.The same question what happening in the situation when I talking with someone or listening with someone speaking. When I listening someone speaking,I can heard that somewhere of sentence in different with I say it.I thought it was my accent is not accurately with native speaker,But I review those situations now,It maybe doesn’t.It maybe omitted somewhere by speaker. That is why even if I practiced very effort some sentence, but I still can’t say them like native speaker.

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