Read The Third Ear page 10-11

In 2017,I had been just starting learning English for a few month.In a morning,I was taking a train go to other city. I was standing on the hallway of the coach ,and looking for a seat to sit.Then I spotted a seat that was empty,I wanted to sit over there.But there was a foreigner was  sweating next to the seat.So I think I can speaking some English with him and practice my English.I prepared for a while,then walk close to the foreigner,and said: “Excuse me ,sir,Can I sit here?”. “Of course” he said.Then I sited down.He was friendly,and told to me.But I was extremely nervous,couldn’t say something out,even couldn’t listen to what he said.So awkward.

Why was that? I think I was still believe that to communicate more in English is difficult to me now,I wasn’t yet the ability to speak and understand in English.Basic the believe,I would thinking that what if I say something wrong?what if he don’t understand what I said? What if I don’t understand what he said? So many questions appeared my brain.

If I believe that English is not that difficult to me,even though,I had just been learning it for a few month.I think I would behave total differently.I would make hard to try what can I communicate with funny and easy attitude.we may can communicate something,even a little.

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