Read The Third Ear page 12-13

The reason that I learn English was I though master a foreign language is a great thing,I think it is a great achievement.And I also look forward to watch movie and read book by all in English.These are the exciting things to me.
I also can watch movie or read book by translation.But I think the translation always miss somethings,and it can’t convey all of the meanings.If I watch a comedy movie,there is similar pronunciation for joke.The translation can’t convey this humor.Or when I watch The Big Bang Theory,an American series,there are many funny places,if I can understand English,then I am unable to get the funny point.Read book is the same.There are some Chinese characters source of English,If we want to understand more details about a conception,it is better to understand the source of English.
If we communicate by only translation with out knowing other language is easy to make misunderstanding.There is a racially word in English,which has a very similar pronunciation with a Chinese phrase ’Pronunciation.If a person who speak English without knowing Chinese heard this Chinese phrase would maybe think that the other person is insulting him or her,and the misunderstanding would appears.If the English speak person knows Chinese,the misunderstanding wouldn’t exist.
Now.We know,there are many reason to learn foreign language, even thought today world,the translating software are very common .Because only that,you wouldn’t miss meanings,and avoid misunderstanding.

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