Read The Third Ear page 13-14

In my own observation,a foreign language is easy to learn.I can see many evidences around me.There is a university left to my home for 3 kilometers away.I came across a man who were 40plus ages in there 5 years ago,he had lived in Africa for 2 years,and he learned speak English.He can speak fluent,his pronunciation was perfect.He didn’t had too much education in school,he just graduated from primary school,and didn’t go to high school.But his English achievement admired by many university students.When I asked him how did you learn English,he answered I just talk with people in Africa,and master it naturally.This man’s experience made me believe that human are talent to learn a language.

In my studenthood,when I learn English by traditional way,and always got fail.Because the traditional way always told us sit in class to analyse grammar,and to memories vocabularies one by one.And the English learning goal always was get good score in test.That was very boring,and I didn’t good at it at all,so my English was very bad.And at that time,I was really believe that only those talent people can master English.But now,I used some new ways to learn English,in short time,I got huge improvement that more than ever before.Now,I believe that I can learn any foreign language.

Of course,there are some English that I don’t know.It doesn’t matter,I wouldn’t think that I am failed in learning English.Because even in Chinese there are some words that I also don’t know.So I know that I would meet strange words sooner or later,it is a normal thing.If I met a strange English word,I wouldn’t care of it if it didn’t prevent me to understand the whole meaning of the sentence.If it does,I would search it by dictionary.

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