Skill Not Concept

How you view a new language is really important. Because what you think of the language decides the way you use to learn it. The implications for how I view a language are in the following section.

A tool, not a subject. Great language learners think of language as a tool, not think of it as a subject. It’s something to use, not something to study.

Observe the results. The important thing we need to do is that observing what happens as a result of what you try to say. Correcting what you say to improve your ability of speaking something exactly. 

It’s all relative. All languages are conventions.Don’t ask ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’  are much more important. Unless asking ‘why’ helps you improve your language-learning, it will be an unnecessary extra burden. Knowing how to do what you need to do is imperative.

Join a language community. Only in this way do you have enough opportunities to practice, make mistakes, and get better.

Don’t grammarate. Attention to structure in a language can be useful, but it should never get in the way of communicating effectively.

A skill,not a concept. Language is somethings to practice. It’s not the thing you know about, but something you do. I want to stress here is that you do a language, not know a language. If language is a concept, then we need to read it, to find some examples to understand it, and to remember literally thousands of combinations of it. Yikes! I dare not to imagine that. If language is a skill, that will get you feel freeing, and you can master it by practicing. A little time, a little effort. Daily conversation can be an easy entry into the language. More and more you use it,  you will gain it until it is automatic. We needn’t to recite millions of  words and combinations that are defined on pages, and we can remember them unconsciously by using them with members of a language community.The only difficult thing to do is getting rid of the custom of grammarating and translating. And if we speak more than one language, then we need to reprogram our mind to switch to the language we want to speak. 

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