Tom’s day

One day Tom passed by an apple tree. He saw the apples were very attractive, so he decided to pick some apples . He climbed up the tree. when he picking the apples he saw a snake coming towards him. He was so scared then he fell out of the tree and lie down on the ground and passed out. A few minutes later, he woke up and got into his car and drove to home. He directly went into the bathroom to wash bath, but he still feel dizzy, so he decided to walk to the hospital nearby to see a doctor, He walked out and turn left then go straight to the cross road then turn right, the hospital is between the shopping mall and the bank, the doctor was busy, he need to wait twenty minutes. then he walked around the hospital and sited on a chair on the left of the window for a while, the doctor asked him a few questions and then told him that he was nothing wrong. He was relieved at last.

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