Terrible job

Today is Tuesday. It’s raining in DG. I feel bad in the morning when I think about my terrible job. I ‘m a newer manager of product engineering department. My jobrotation from manufacturing engineering department to product engineering department took effect from November 1th 2019. It’s about 5 months, but my job is more worse than before. My boss push me the manager the PE department because PE department have many manual operation and make many mistake. My job is to review  the system and think how to improve it. 5 monthe ago, I do less things and have no effect to the situation.

I feel very bad. From the beginning I feel very well, I get up early and walk and jogging outside to keep fit and healthy, but the latest two weeks I fell upset more and more because the team have many mistake, and the supervior feel it is normal. and I want to work hard to change the situation. My brain hurts, I want to go home…

Now is the process of Production Meeting. The production director give me some suggestion to solve the problem. Quality senior manger also gave me some suggestion. But how to implement to the PE team, I don’t know.

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  1. 柒小妹 柒小妹 says:

    Don’t fret.everything will be all right.

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