Toolbox: Feelings and Emotions

What is your favorite food?

I like western food. This is my favorite restaurant.

I like western food too.

What do you prefer to eat, steak or pizza?

Well, I prefer pizza today.

Pizza sounds good! Let’s order some.


What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is western food.

I don’t like western food. I prefer Chinese food.

I like Chinese food too.What do you want to eat, noodles or rice?

I want to eat noodles today.

All right, let’s get some noodles.


What is your favorite drink?

I like coffee, and I really like this cafe.

I don’t like coffee.

What do you prefer to drink, tea or milk?

I like both, but I prefer to drink tea today.

Okey, I am going to have a coffee.



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