The more saying the mouth will be flexible

These days , i hope to learning the following  “The third ear ” , why is that ? Because i find a new feeling , that is the long sentences are not hard to learn,and not hard to say . Long sentences always can be cut into some short phrases , every phrase discrete a short meaning .When you speak the long sentence , you can follow the short phrases rhythm ,and stop very short time between each phrase , the long sentence became easily to say .

This evening i spend more than two hours in learn English , fortunately i learned the page 11 and 12 of  “The third ear”. When i listened the audio , part of the meaning can be mastered by me . In the following learning , when i listening phrase song ,the long sentences are cut into short phrases by me ,and i follow it to say . The long sentences really became easily to say . 

Although the phrase songs show us how to say long sentences ,until now i have just first time get the strong meaning , that is why phrase songs teach us say a sentence, from short to long . Another feeling is the more you speak English the flexible you mouth will be .

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    Absolutely, the more you speak English, the more flexible your mouth will become! That’s a really important observation.