The Nice Morning

       At the 7am ,I’m getting up and opening the window. It’s a comfortable temperature, warm and windy. A lot of birds are standing on top of the tree and talking to each other. A dog named “Bob” is skiping around the tree while wiggling its tail. Bob is kicking the bottom of the tree, maybe it couldn’t understand what the birds are talking . Some boys are playing the ball, one of them threwing the ball on top of the house, his father climbing the ladder to the roof and picking up the ball. The young man and woman are in a hurry, the car is waitting for them. A group of old women are dancing the quare dancing, the radio box beside them . A few people are running or walking around the block. 

      I’m sitting  on the right of the window , drinking the coffee. Then turning on my mobile phone , linking the audio with bluetooth. Teresa Teng’s voice full of the room . The morning is very nice.

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