Third Ear Page 12-13 My Written Piece

       Mention to misunderstanding, I remember one thing that happened just a few days before. It was between my sister and me. We were watching TV. It was on a documentary film. When there were one man and one woman answering a journalist’s question we got into a little argument. My sister said the woman was the investor-the protagonist. I was against her and said that man was the protagonist. She had missed a previous part. she got this conclusion just based the protagonist’s first name. Because the name sounded like a female. I think this misunderstanding was caused by missed information.
      I also think that interpretation and translation is sometimes not very effective,  Especially when topics are about professional subjects. I ever attend a computer training course. The teacher was an English speaker, all the contents of the lessons were conveyed to us by an interpreter. Because the interpreter was not that professional at computer, so some technical details she couldn’t describe very accurately. And after the teacher spoke several sentences, he had to stop to wait to being translated, so the teaching progress was not smoothy, and our study effect was not very good. At that time, I thought how great it would be if I understood English. If so I could get the teacher’s meaning directly, then I would have learned computer technology more and deeply. It would be more beneficial for my job.

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