The story of homeless puppies

In a few months ago, When I had lunch back to my company, And I saw that there have a homeless little dog sitting beside the door, I don’t know where is it from? I walk toward it that was drop down the tail, It seem was very feared. I stopped beside it, And squat down , The little dog didn’t have move, It just sitting on the floor, I putted my left hand on it’s head, and touched it, I can felt it was very nervous.then I touched it’s back softly, for a while,I take out a hot dog that I was just bought , I broken a half down, Through a half of hot dog to the little dog, It was didn’t eat,I thought It’s fear to me, So don’t have eat the hot dog. And I opened the door, walked into the door deliberately, then, I hide behind the door, look at the little dog. For a moment, It was standing up, then eating the hot dog. When the little dog ate down the half of hot dog, I putted the other half of hot dog to it through the door. The little dog don’t have fear, It was ate the hot dog. Then I walked out from the door, touched its body again, It still have a little nervous. Since then, I often saw the little dog sitting beside the door, I also often  brought some food to it. One day. I haven’t saw it, asked other people , then know, it was be adopted by a family.

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