The story on my travel

I often travel to the other place to work , usually I will ride the train , it is very fast and cheap . The only question for me that I must have the lunch or dinner on the train , but the fast food cooking on the train  that  I think it is not healthy food for me . So if the train can’t arrive before the meal time , I will put  some food in my luggage , a box of milk , an apple , a banana and two boiled eggs , maybe more than two boiled potatoes , I know that isn’t as same as the Chinese food , it doesn’t like the western food too , but I know it heal for my  body .

    Once  I went to Dali,a small and beautiful city between the great mountain and the big lake . When I finish my work , I taken a walk in the center of the city  , I go into a store that sells clothes . I saw there were  two young women and a young man  were choosing clothes , they are westerners . The boss of the store was standing far away from them , it seems he can’t talk to them. Although I just know a few English, but I heard the woman asked the boss in English “ How much is it ?”she pointed at a blue skirt  . I didn’t know if the boss understood what the woman said, but he raised the right hand and stretched five fingers , he spoke in Chinese the skirt is 500 yuan . But the westerners didn’t understood , they talked between themselves “ It’s the cheapest skirt ! “ . I thought there was a big trouble with them , so I decided talk to the foreigners by English for the first time in my life .

     “ Excuse me , I think you don’t understood how dose the boss mean , he means  the skirt is 500 yuan , not 5 yuan , it’s too expensive , you can find the same skirt in the other store cheaper than this one 。” I said to the three people in English .

    The foreigners looked at me and surprised , they spoke a lot of but most of the words I can’t understood , except “thank you ! good boy !” . It’s let down for me , that time I think people must be fluent at a language that he (she) can speak the language , so I have not go on the talking , I threw away the first win too ! I lost three foreigners friends , how many Chinese people have the  chance like this ! The most important , I lost the way to find a difference  world that I never see ! I think , a new language is the best way to get the other new world !

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