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page 14-15

1: It isn’t true.The children can learn a second language easily.But they are not the only one.I think that children and adults are both can learn a new language easily.Because I always saw that the Chinese parents talk to their kids with English ,and the kids can reply them with English too.And some teenagers who study in the international school also can speak fluent English. Or someone go to a foreign country,after they stays there for several months,they‘re already can speak the new language.

2: I will use the ways of watch English TV series and listen to English songs to learn English.I can get some sentences or some short conversations that people will actually say in real life from the TV series.Listen to the English songs is a interesting and easy way to improve my reading and listening ability and crease my vocabulary.

3:When I study at middle school, the most boring class that I have is the geography class.The teacher has very sharp and bad voice. So I don’t like listen to her.I have no idea of directions and dimension.Therefore, it is hard for me to understand what she said.
But to be polite I won’t sleep. I’ll find something to do.So I always pretend to listen to her class, but actually my mind is wandering.Or pretend take notes but actually i‘m write the lyrics.




page 15-16

1:When i go to my university for the first time, I was shocked.Because the school looks very grand and the facilities are very good.I’m curious about everything of the school. I took a lot of pictures of the little bridge ,pound,marble steps and school buildings.I’m used to the school life faste.Because I had lots of experience living on campus.I applied for a campus card on the first day of enrollment. The campus card has a lot of traffic and very cheap.My classmates and roommates are very friendly, I made many friends in the first week.All in all.I’m in a happy and curious mood.

2:My first impression of her is that neat and pretty. When the first time i met her,She wear the blue dress and walk towards to me with smile.She has curly hair and a cherry hairpin on her head.She has two big eyes with the long eyelashes .And she has a pretty nice smile.When you watch at her smile,you‘ll feel warm and sweet,and want to smile with her together.And she is short, so she always needs to raise her head to look at me.

3: I remember that nobody have private cars in my hometown in my childrenhood.But now, atmost every family has their own private car and people used to take the bus to their hometown. Now, the people can drive their private car from the city to their hometown at the festival time.There are more and more buses in the city. And there was no high speed train before now there is a high speed train.Traffic is become faster and more convenient.

4:That day, I and my friend are on a go to the HeFei‘s train.That’s my first time to go there, but my friend already go there many times.I look at the view outside.Suddenly, a stranger girl sitting in front of us said to us.“Would you like to play porker with me?I’m bored.”I and my friend replied her, yes.“But I can‘t play porker ,can you teach me?”i said.“OK, i’ll show you,watch carefully.”the girl said.We had a good time together and i learned how to play porker that day.

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