Third Ear Page 13-14 My written Piece

“Challenging the myth”, the myth is that,  foreign languages  are too difficult for adults to learn. So they can’t learn any foreign languages easily or effectively. those who can speak foreign languages must have gifted at languages. In the two pages, the author used his own experiance to chalenge the myth. The author thought that he didn’t have any tallent at language, even less than many of his peers. Because while he was at high school, in english comprehension reading course and french lessons , he often was at the lowest third in his class. He disliked french grammar lessons the least, he felt it was boring and his interest in it grew weaker and weaker. He even thought that he would never mastered french. Then a new spin came to his life. A french speaking boy came to stay his home as an exchange student for a few weeks. Afterwards he went to stay that boy’s home for six weeks. Just during those several weeks, the author found out that somehow he had learned french. He could communicate with any french people when necessary. Even though he often encounterd words what he did not know, that would not stop him from communicating. And he happily to find that he was already at the position that he could grow his french naturally like his mother tongue. How did all of these happen? The author’s gift at language did not change in this period. Things that were differnt were the mental state and the ways he grow the language. He soaked his brain and had fun, then he learned naturally. So the author got a conclusion. It is non-sense to say that gift is required to learn a foreign language. If you follow the right way, then you can master any foreign language easily and more effectively than you ever thought possible before and get to your goal. I must say, the author had a good chance that gave a new spin to his life. And I believe that I can master English at last as long as I follow the right way.

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