Try and grab

I had learn about 语法化误区。i’m deeply touched for this. in my memory,i have always been afraid of 语法学习。because i can’t remembet that. so i feel the study of english is very tired.until the kungfu english is come ,i feel better about this way of studying english.
recently, i started cycling to work.i want to change my lifestyle,including the study of english.then i can change my road,i can study english with image and feeling. 其实我一直有紫外线过敏,对于太阳很抗拒。但真正尝试以后(穿戴好防晒衣等装备),发觉骑车这样的有氧做完真的会神清气爽。all in all,many things just can be felt if you tried them. i think the same is study of english. try and try.

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