Use your body sense to connect words

When I practiced mind-body today, I didn’t know the words. Usually I used to listen to the pronunciation at the same time with my eyes to look for pictures, or in the mind to form a picture. Today I used a new method to listen to the pronunciation and feel the words. Such as when I hear the word “water”, I mobilize the body to soak in the water, the water temperature is a little cool. I heard the word “bath crock”, which is a new word, but I know the word “bath “. I associate this word with the feeling of being comfortable in warm water.

It took me 40 minutes to complete the body-mind training. I listened to the audio more than once in the place where I did not feel deeply. I had a good experience through this training. 

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  1. 柒小妹 柒小妹 says:

    I used the same way to pracitce the L2B.It will help us how to use the word in our body language.

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