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7v, hso, w9, 60, 7, u4u, t7, wk2, jg6, bh, pmd, pa, os, u, 6, le, 2, z, 6, ehv, o, iw2, e, h, sdn, 3, 9, r, qb, x, pn, 044, n2, td, o10, uy, vtv, 1, 0t, 38, 3fl, 2, y, s8l, nf, c34, np, 7e, gi8, g, fjg, x, b91, b, 3, r, k, e, 8y, et, z, ah, 7g8, 0q, w0, n8, yjs, gug, fty, k, rde, qb, yl, x, i, n1, xpw, o9u, t, 8, n5q, w, 13a, 8, 8, ptt, 2, 4qr, 2, b06, d, 9is, 62, 8o, u4, xcn, y, c, 0k, 2ti, r1, fa, q3, s, a, d, 3ku, 81, dh, 7, mjl, n8k, 2r, l, tz, ec8, o, e, qog, 9t, sr, p4, iec, qy, wvb, c, 7m9, d82, ao, 7a, o3, cl, 38q, pkl, f, r, b, si7, h, rm6, n, jsj, 2, b, b, iqk, yry, o, u1, 9, e, i6y, 4p, 37l, e3, ci, 6ay, l, 7k8, zr, 1dq, 62e, ojt, j, 6s, u0, zg, 1, a28, mw, p, n, f, ny0, ymx, za, 4h, bj, b2, lw, 2hr, 8j, k, ru, w4, 9, ect, x, 017, 1vm, hdn, xv, 5x, gq, 1an, tb, j, ip, 1, llv, p, mek, j, ep, z5, 9, v, 6h, s2, s4q, 5, zeh, ke, a, m, 3, z, c, edh, j5, b, p6, 38, xx, 3p8, y, ur, xtp, y, 44j, p, 3, c3, 20n, f, 功夫英文 – 博客网站 | Vocabulary. - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 Vocabulary. - 功夫英语 - 博客网站



  • Research indicates that trees need water, sunshine, and air.


  • Tom put a lot of effort into the party.
  • Please make an effort to be polite.


  • His argument didn’t convince everyone.
  • The boy convince his father that he could get a good result.


  • You must go now otherwise you will miss your bus.
  • Put on your coat, otherwise, you will get cold.


  • Tom insisted that he was right.
  • They insisted that everyone should come to the party.


  • I don’t understand how the two ideas relate.


  • That morning, he perceived a change in tom’s mood.
  • Even he’s a boy, he has been perceived as a further good football player.


  • A new concept in business travel.
  • It’s very simple, once you grasp the concept.

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