We finished the jobs and fell happy

When shall we go back ? what’s  time we check out the hotel ? My colleague ask me these two questions many times in the morning ,it’s make me fidgety . why does he ask me so many times ? because today’s weather is hotter than others day , most of the time we staying outside. So he really want to go back ,and back to our city .

In the morning ,we need to finished a work , I don’t know when we can finished it . The work need a customer join together with us to do it  , if he isn’t arrived ,we can’t start .
My colleague angry with me , he think that I insist on arriving the work place early , so we are staying outside and wait our customer so long .
he think that I’m strict with him. In he opinion , in order to go back , the work we need not work hard . But I insist on doing work with rule .finally we done the work perfect .when the work done ,we are happy .