What I learned today

Before embarking on a flight    Before flying     travel by plane   the morning of your flight

in the age of COVID-19

Eating on a plane used to be common 

remove their masks  , even have a snack at the airport

eat a large meal 

registered dietition based in New York City

Peflight eats  

are created eaqual

carry them throug the day 

including what you eat and drink 

Immune systems   digestive systems

Consider your overall health 

Immune systems are tested 

Digestive systems are thown off 

keep your immune systems strong

foods are easily digested 

best avoided 

lack of humidity 

dry air  in the cabin

It’s super common for hehydration

avoid dehydration-related headaches 

comstipation  and fatigue

consuming more fresh foods 

As a result 

thanks to    cabin pressure 

cause you to feel extra belchy  ,bloated or gassy

cause some folks to feel bloated or extra gassy

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