What I learned today

Get the cushion from on top of the sofa  , take the cushion from the sofa in the dinning room into the bedroom . Put the cushion on the bed , then throw the cushion on the bedroom floor , sit on the cushion that is on the floor . Pick up the cushion , take the cushioon from the bedroom into the dinning room .

Hang the wet towel on the back of the chair , beat the wet towel with a stick . Put the dry towel on the bed  . Fold the paper towel . Put the folded paper towel on the chair . 

Look at the dog baking , Bark at the dog , Bark at the tiger ,beat the tiger with your hands , Smile at the cat  ,  Scream at the mouse 

Put the drum in your bedroom  . Beat the drum with a stick . Break the stick , throw the stick into the waste basket .

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