Why I love Gongfu English

November 30, 2020

I have been studying Gongfu English for seven days, nearly two hours per day. I really enjoy the learning process by Gongfu English application on my cellphone. There are two reasons why I love this App.

Firstly, I like to listen to the recordings read by native speakers everyday and the materials in Gongfu English are well organized and arranged, especially the book–The third ear. I could understand most of the materials after listening to them for 3 times or so, which gave me a sense of achievement.

Secondly, developed by Feihu, Long, a psychologist, the content in Gongfu English is not confined to learning English, it also includes some beliefs that probably influence our learning process in a positive way.

Now, sometimes, I speak English to my son, or to myself. I totally believe that I will master English in the near future.

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