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about L2B ~ " Go for a picnic " - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 Writing about L2B ~ " Go for a picnic " - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

Writing about L2B ~ ” Go for a picnic “

   On Saturday morning, our family went to Riverside Park for a picnic. As soon as we arrived at the destination, my father opened the car door for my grandparents. My mother took the hands of my grandparents and my father took me and my sister’s hands ,then we walked into the park together. My grandparents were sitting on the bench in the park. My sister and I were playing hide and seek under the tree. My mother took out the prepared food and put the serving dish with potatoes and roasted leg of lamb on the table in front of the bench. Then she put six spoons and forks on the table in front of my grandparents. My father gave my grandparents two spoons and two forks. My sister and I smelled the aroma of food and walked towards the grandparents sitting on the park bench. We picked up the fork and ate the roasted leg of lamb.

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